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Inspiration in Isolation

Inspiration in Isolation

During these times, it has become increasingly challenging to muster up the motivation to get anything done, let alone being productive and inspired.
It is now in these times that we must remind ourselves to focus on our MINDSET to be positive and productive.

Referencing back to my previous article where I spoke about frequencies, to operate in a higher frequency the focus on mindset is very important.

Let’s be honest. It is heavily predicted that AI technology might take over most of our jobs in the near future. With everything that can be operating online very soon.
Which also means we can be easily replaced if we are not careful.
If there is anything we can learn from Covid19.Everything is moving online rapidly fast.
It’s either we need to adapt, change and think outside of the box or soon or later you will no longer have a career.

So you might ask how can we prevent that from happening? or at least not having them to take away your jobs as fast?

While everyone is blaming things on Covid 19. I see this is an opportunity for you to build up your toolbox. Working on yourself…. develop your personality and continue working on soft skills. But most importantly allow yourself to be creative and come up with an innovative way to allow you to still be inspired and have the energy to keep pushing forward.

So here are a few tips I would like to share with you about how you can stay at home without going crazy and still being productive during this funky time.

  • Move Your Body
  • – Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, just keep your body moving. Positive Mindset is developed over time. Physical exercise has been used time and again to boost morale and keep up the spirits of co-workers. If you’re too busy, invest in a stand up desk that allows you to move your body as you work from your desk. Set a time for you to do exercise. For beginners. Start of with doing 60 seconds exercise in the morning before you start your day

  • Indulge in a Hobby
  • – Indulge yourself in an activity that you love, catch up on the reading you thought you would do, cook more often, or whatever it is that keeps you happy and engaged. These extracurriculars help keep a positive and resilient mindset. Eg. Gardening, Dancing, etc

  • Check up on Friends and Family
  • – These trying times also put your skills as a leader to test. If you also have the privilege of working from home, chances are you’ve had to put in more effort to check up on your colleagues, work updates and their well being. And that applies to family and friends as well. So there is no reason why there shouldn’t be date nights anymore. So expand your love to your friends and family and your colleagues, have virtual trivia nights, virtual post work drinks, virtual date nights, have a virtual family cook off, be creative!

Just remind yourself of the little things you took for granted and be grateful for them and extend your love and gratitude toward everything you’re glad you have in your life.

When you operate at a higher frequency your productivity increases multifold.

Positivity, patience and persistence are the virtues that will help us all during these challenging times. And remember you are not alone. I believe in you. Just remember you are going to be so much stronger at the end of all these chaos.

Stay awesome

Your True Inspiration

Your True Inspiration

When I sat down to write this article, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the current global crisis that we’re up against. In such trying times, it is a challenge to find the motivation to put that aside and find the concentration to hit the screen and do the job.

And it struck me that often when we dream for success, we seem to have a vision of what we want to achieve. It could be the money you want to make or the promotion you’ve been waiting on. Or freedom and happiness. Success is subjective. And often when we dream of this abundance, we feel so pumped and motivated, but three days into working for it, we’re finding excuses to not work for it at all. Leading to excuses and disappointments and sabotaging of our dreams.

So often people have so many dreams they want to achieve and yet they are not willing to do what it takes to get there. You get distracted by the riches and the shiny short cuts. And you look at other people and go down a spiral of why I am not good enough, when in reality, you know you’re good enough, you’ve seen the dream, you have a vision, you have a goal, you know how to get there. But you’re not willing to put in the effort, the discipline, the sacrifice it takes, to get there.

A classic example is all gym memberships go up around the beginning of the year, because we all think that we are going to hit the gym and achieve our fitness goal, whether we try to lose weight, build our muscles or be stronger. Come end of January, we’re locked in an annual gym contract with zero motivation to go and go on about our lives and wonder why nothing has been achieved.

That’s why we don’t need more motivation, we need Inspiration. So we can be inspired from within and get things done.

First and foremost, identify the problem.

Write down, on a paper, everything you want to achieve, all your goals. Just a list one below the other.

Now, on a scale of one to ten, rate them on how likely you believe in yourself to achieve them, if you were to start today. With zero being less likely and ten being more likely.

This will help you analyse where you are in life right now and what goals you believe you could achieve. There is no point for you to put it if you don’t even believe it. For e.g. one of your goals could be Finding a new career, getting a promotion etc. you rate it 8, then you are already inspiration for it, you just got to start and continue with discipline.

But if changing careers is rated 3 on your goals list, then you’re not ready for it, it will be that much harder for you to achieve it.
It’s easier to go for the low hanging fruit and achieve as you go. It keeps you motivated, inspired and on your toes for the next challenge.

“Motivation is like a drug, you need it to get started and keep at it, but inspiration, give your purpose and the determination to persevere. Inspiration inspires you from within. You then do what you love and love what you do. ”

Next, Mind the Language

Observe the conversation you have with people around you, pay attention to the words you use. Your words become your reality, if you keep saying the things that negatively impact you, you’ll be in a negative headspace. For e.g. I don’t use the word ‘expensive’, because then, you put your value under the value of a material object. And it’s tough to get out of that circle. I say, ‘it’s not worth it’ or I ask myself ‘how can I afford it?’ Or even in a tough situation, I don’t say that ‘its’ so bad/hard’, I say that it’s ‘challenging’.

It sets you up for a challenge instead of making you feel like you’re not good enough or don’t deserve it.

Finally, your software needs an update

If you approach your challenges with the attitude of ‘know it all’, you’ll never learn anything. And to learn, your cup needs to be empty, so you can fill it up as you go by investing in yourself and maintaining a student mindset. Coronavirus indeed gives us an opportunity to upskill ourselves whether it is reading books, listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Watching youtube and videos.or online courses. do whatever it takes to understand yourself . We all have different learning styles. Video works for some, audio for some even taking notes. Do whatever it takes to understand your strengths and challenges. And find relevant information or mentors for any challenges you have. The better you learn, the faster you achieve. You need to upgrade your software to stay in the game.

I hope some of this article helps you get started with your goals. I hope you aim for the stars and accomplish them.

Tell me in the comments below how you keep yourself inspired?

I am so in love with…

I am so in love with…

Valentine’s Day has just gone by and love is definitely in the air. However, there is absolutely no reason as to why it shouldn’t be throughout the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Merely that, must we only celebrate the people we love only one day of the 365?

Often times people tell me ‘I know exactly what I want from my career, but I don’t think I can do it’ or ‘I don’t think I’m worth it’. Or even ‘I think I should just give it up and move on’. So, the real concern here is, why are we not falling in love with ourselves and our goals? And why aren’t we celebrating that?

We tend to fall into a downward spiral of negative self-talk, and it becomes us that’s holding ourselves back from all that we could achieve. Most importantly, we lose belief and sabotage ourselves.

We must love and accept ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly in order to truly be happy and successful and get after what we want.

So, in the interest of loving ourselves and never looking back, here are 3 ways, you can be your own Valentine, every day.

    Forgive yourself

We’ve all been through a negative self-talk phase or a time where we have made mistakes or missed opportunities. Somehow society makes us think making mistakes is a sin. In fact, as a human being, we can only evolve when we make mistakes. It is part of a journey; we will make tons of mistakes before we can achieve anything we want in life. It’s about what you can learn from the mistake. And have self-improvement. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and only focus on the good. Then you will be able to accept and forgive yourself.

    Invest, Invest, Invest

Invest to improve yourself. It is true that self-awareness is the first step to your success. Most of us don’t even spend time to understand ourselves so no wonder we are going through life and being lost 24/7. Whether it is your money or your time. Learn something about yourself or even better love yourself better by being your own valentine. Have a date on your own. Because why not?

    Express Gratitude

When you appreciate things and people around you. Things and people will appreciate you. It is the law of attraction. What you put out there is what you will receive. Having gratitude first thing in the morning will not only help you kick start your day, it will also upgrade your energy and vibration to attract anything you would like to achieve. Who wouldn’t want to feel good and look good like that every day?

Here is an extra exercise that will help you love yourself more and more every day…

Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself at least 5-10 times daily “I love you” followed by your name in the end. It is very confronting; however, it will help you build a deeper connection within yourself.

I hope these little changes in your life will make you accept and love yourself even more.

As RuPaul rightly said “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else! …”

So, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy Valentine’s Day, Month and Year!

Let me know in the comments below if you are already using some of these tips or which one you think will work for you!

How do you change your fate?

How do you change your fate?

Happy Lunar New Year Week!??

It is said that when it’s your year, your luck isn’t as great as others.

That being said, I’ve been told to be careful as this year is the year of the rat and I’m a Rat!!

We are so easily influenced by what others say and so quick to accept what society tells us, no questions asked.

What our friends, families or even neighbours tell us without us even asking ourselves this:

Is that really the TRUTH? Should we find out more about it before blindly listening to their opinion?


Their truth may not be your truth as their beliefs aren’t sometimes your beliefs either.

For so long my dad has the psychic ability that he would only offer card reading for all our friends and families during lunar new year.

They would line up one by one waiting for my dad to perhaps telling them something GREAT about the year!!!

And here is what I have learnt from my DAD.

He would never tell someone that they are having a SHIT YEAR even if their card is SHIT!!!

Instead of demotivating them, he would encourage them and get them to focus on what’s GREAT that is coming to them. 

Let them know which area they shall be aware of or any relevant information that needs to be passed on to help them improve their quality of life or abundance. 

But most importantly giving them some direction and confirmation that they can certainly CHANGE THIER FATE.

We always believe our destiny is our fate. It’s always good to understand it but you don’t have to just accept fate. 

Understand your strengths and challenges. Create a game plan to gain skills, knowledge and experience to create your own destiny.


Don’t let your DESTINY to control you.
It’s Your time to CONTROL your Destiny.

I have never felt so much grace and ease in my business journey.

As I dig deeper into my spiritual journey. I experience more flow, grace and ease.

Who said you need to be a HUSLTER 24/7?

It is a totally MYTH!!!

When you are truly in FLOW?. You do less to achieve more!!!

So next time, when someone say you are going to have S.H.I.T YEAR,

You tell them this…

Sure!!! I am having Sexy, Healthy, Incredible & Transformational YEAR!!!

That’s what we call a S.H.I.T Year.??

Mic Drop?

I have a fear…

I have a fear…

We all play that same story in our head about why we can’t do this and why we can’t do that yet why?

Why you are not good enough?

The same old excuse you have been giving yourself 5 years ago?

Those limiting beliefs you tell yourself every day that stop you from achieving your DREAMS.

You ask yourself “Why can other people achieve faster than I can”
“Why are they more successful than I am”
“Why are they luckier than I am”

Did you know the 3 most common things that constantly get in our way are FEAR, SHAME and GUILT.

See that inner voice that is creeping into your way and constantly telling you all these limiting beliefs? It’s just basically your OLD SELF trying to fight for life.

Sometimes we think those beliefs are true to us but is it really the TRUTH?

It’s crazy how we are constantly given chances and the choice to live the life we truly desire yet we are the only thing stopping ourselves and getting in our way.

In this Human Journey, we will always experience negative emotions since we are only human beings and it is completely ok. Most of the time we evolve and transform through pain and experience.

Today I would like to show you HOW you can snap out of those nasty moments whenever you feel the fear, shame and guilt.

1. Take six Deep Breaths

This tip is based on advice from John Assaraf, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and business growth expert.

You take a deep breath in for 5 seconds, you blow out like you’re blowing out through a straw… and if you do this 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, you’re going to deactivate the fear response centre and that actually is going to reactivate your thinking centre in your brain.

2. Ask yourself this question

This tip is based on advice from John Assaraf, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and business growth expert.

You take a deep breath in for 5 seconds, you blow out like you’re blowing out through a straw… and if you do this 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, you’re going to deactivate the fear response centre and that actually is going to reactivate your thinking centre in your brain.

What Do I Truly Desire?
What Would I like to have instead/ What would I rather have?
Magic started to happen when you ask yourself quality questions. Interesting enough when you truly connect yourself. You know the ANSWER from within.

Your inner self will guide you on WHAT YOU CAN DO TO ACHIEVE IT.

End of 2019 I wanted to overcome the biggest FEAR of my life.

Ever since I was young, I had anxiety around it and indeed it was my BIGGEST FEAR (no kidding)

In fact, my partner Thai also feared the same thing.

So, I put my intention out there and I came across this advertising online for rap jumping (where we literally walk down the side of a building).

Without thinking twice about it. I knew Thai and I must do it.

And imagine all those power I still haven’t untap because of this little bastard getting in our way..

So I thought, let’s CONQUER it together (Knowing at the back of my head I was shxtting myself. And to make it even worse, Thai didn’t know what he got himself in to………)

Check out the video and see HOW WE WENT!!!

P.s WE were so surprised on how well we have done. And how quickly we could shift our mindset once our INTENTION has been SET!!!

We felt unstoppable and FREE afterward.

It is indeed interesting, sometimes we tend to make things FAR WORSE than what it actually is…


If this story has somehow inspired you to take some action toward some of your limiting beliefs.

Baby step it is 🙂

Comment down below what your biggest fear is and how you plan on defeating it because we all have it in us right? Take control of your fear, not let it take control of you.

How to kick start your day…

How to kick start your day…

I’ve always found the benefits of having a morning routine is it helps you kick start your day with a clear mindset. It not only reduces stress but increases productivity and allows you to have a great intention of what you want to focus on for the day.

It is also an important aspect of self-care and self-love. Taking time for yourself in the mornings helps you slow down, breathe and unwind. Having a morning ritual takes away the planning and thinking about what you need to do every morning as it eventually comes natural to you. Therefore, it reduces your stress of the day.

Another advantage is that you will be less likely to forget something. Your energy each morning is usually low without a routine and it gets drained further with all the decisions you have to make. As shown in the infographic below, avoiding this mental fatigue through small decisions is why Mark Zuckerberg starts his day by dressing the same way, as it is one less decision to make! A lot of the most successful people have their own morning ritual that they follow to a tee.

Courtesy of

It will definitely take some time to find a routine that best suits you however, it is beneficial to include:

Time for a healthy breakfast/meal according to your specific diet

We’ve all heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Because it increases your energy levels, it increases your metabolism to help you burn calories throughout the rest of the day. Scientifically it helps you replenish the blood sugar to make your muscles and brain work their best. For those that fast or have a diet plan, following it daily is important for your body to be well-adjusted to it.

A relaxing activity like meditation or listening to music

A calming activity takes you into a mindful state and can help you reduce anxiety symptoms. It helps you observe things around you that you normally wouldn’t notice and keeps you aware of your surroundings.

A form of exercise like yoga, going for a walk or to the gym

Morning exercises are most beneficial to you as it alters the way your entire day to night will go. In general, it helps you burn more fat and build muscle however, it also increases your adrenaline, metabolism and reduces stress and signs of depression.

Staying off technology like your phone or laptop

Many like to check the news or updates on social media in the morning however, staying off your phone would be best for you. This is because the information you receive is a lot to process early in the morning and it usually distracts you from other tasks. Your productivity can be interrupted by checking your phone as soon as you wake up.

My morning routine consist of:
1. Taking a 2-minute cold shower
2. Drink my Cacao
3. Meditation and gratitude for 30 minutes
4. Read the news
5. Kick starting my day with a signature power pose!
6. Listening to audiobooks that are related to business or personal development


Everybody knows that doing exercise is good for both their physical and spiritual health, but as we're caught up with all the hustle and bustle of life these days, sometimes it might be challenging to find time for some work out, not to mention that it's gonna take whole lots of efforts and determination to keep this as a habit.Then I thought: "If I can make exercise part of my work everyday, it would be amazing!!" That's why at Careerists, we have incorporated the "60 SECONDS EXERCISE CHALLENGE" to the morning huddle!! Everyday before starting work, I ask my team members to do different exercises for 1 minute. By getting our body moving a little bit, we noticed huge changes in everyone's mood and energy level. That's how we would like to kick off a day! They said: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Now you know that one minute of exercise every day can do just the same haha. Join us in this cool, fun and healthy challenge!! #1MinuteWorkOutChallenge

Posted by Iris Du on Sunday, 17 March 2019

Following a morning routine can affect your mood throughout the day and will be best not only for you but everyone around you. So, wouldn’t you want to feel the best you can everyday?

Comment down below what your morning routine is and if you don’t have one, start thinking about what is important for you to have in yours.

It is time for us to STEP UP!

It is time for us to STEP UP!

As the bushfires are getting out of hand, hundreds of people are losing their homes, thousands are forced to flee their hometown regions, and people are losing everything they have had. As we are lucky enough to enter this new decade with our homes intact and loved ones safe, let’s take a moment to help those in need that are left with nothing.

We here at Careerists believe in the importance of helping those in need and making a difference in the world. This is after all, our world, our home.

We had chosen to donate supplies to our local food bank a few days prior and with our clients for the month, some proceedings will be donated to bush fire relief instead of other charities.

When dropping off supplies to the Foodbank, it was amazing to see such kind-hearted people come together patiently waiting to donate what they can showing how community oriented we are.

We dropped it off around 11:30am . Waited 30 minutes to unload and when we got out there were still many car waiting to drop off supplies!!!

Posted by Iris Du on Saturday, 4 January 2020

There was an article recently released saying that they are no longer looking for donations of food, water and clothing as they are overwhelmed with the amount of support they have gotten. They are running out of warehouse space and manpower due to all of the donations they have gotten. The reason they prefer accepting money at this time is because the families in need can then make more flexible and local decisions.

Some other few things you can do to help out:
1. Donate line or at any Bendigo Bank branch for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
2. Australian businesses can also find a way to donate to this cause by raising funds through the sales of their product or services. Look out for a new coaching session we will be offering to raise funds specifically for bush fire relief.
3. Organising teams to do an activity a day like donating blood at the Australian Red Cross Association can help save lives and build stronger relationships in your workplace.
4. Donating to the firefighters as many of them are volunteering and are running out of supplies, so contact your local brigade directly or donate here.
5. As the our precious wildlife lose their homes, by something that was never their choice, you can donate to the World Wildlife Fund to help restore the homes of these koalas after the fires have cleared.
6. Donate to the Australian Red Cross.
7. Or to the Salvation Army as they’ve launched disaster appeals to help communities recover.
8. You can donate to Vinnies stores near you or online to help families rebuild their lives.

Some things you can do at home are distribute containers of water outdoors, being sure to throw in some sticks and leaves so that insects have something to cling to. Swimming pool owners should add “climb out points” so animals don’t drown. Fruit tree owners should remove netting to share their produce. When offering pellets and hay, be sure to spread the food out so that species have a lesser chance of being targeted by predators.

If you are not in the position to donate money, you can always volunteer your time at these charities that are doing their best to help or even check on your neighbours that are elderly or could be affected by the poor air quality we have been facing.

With our heavy hearts, let’s stand together to save our country and raise funds for these innocent families, wildlife and brave firefighters ❤️

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

As 2019 drew to an end it gave us a chance to stop and reflect back on the year that we had…

We are closing a decade. That’s a whole 10 years. When you look back and see just how far you have come in the last 10 years, it gives us the drive to see just how far we are able to go in the next 10!

Did we achieve what we wanted? Did we become the best version of ourselves

In this decade I found my partner in crime and together we built a business. I become a professional speaker, a coach, a mentor and editor in chief. I had my own team to train and help them create a life that they had always envisioned.

I was lucky enough to find a tribe who support me and keep me accountable for everything I set out to do. They believed in our vision and helped Thai and I achieve our successes along the way.

This time of year gives a chance to really look at how we have grown on a professional and a personal level. It’s also a great time to be thankful for everything that did and didn’t happen, as it has got you to where you are today.

It’s time to look and see if we have achieved everything we set out for ourselves. With a new year it brings forward a new moment in time. A moment for us to set to set out new intentions for 2020! To set out for something we have always wanted to do. Remember that you can always achieve what you put your mind to.

When manifesting what we want for 2020 we need to make sure whatever we have on our mind and are heart set on, we are ready to commit to it 110%! We need to know that we are going to give it every ounce of strength and focus we have. Or else we will not have the discipline to dedicate ourselves. And eventually, it won’t happen for us and we only have ourselves to blame. During anytime if you feel distracted, always going back to WHY you wanted to achieve this in the first place. Give yourself a good reason to inspire yourself to keep doing it.

We want to raise our vibrations and attract people and opportunities that will help us get to that next level. We can only do this by taking a deep look within ourselves and be truthful and honest.

Is there a project? A goal? A dream? Or a business plan you have been putting off and waiting until ‘you’re ready’? Well guess this 2020 is the time to be ready.

Welcome 2020, the new decade, with open arms and an open heart! ?

How to achieve your new year goals

How to achieve your new year goals

The more events you host, the easier it gets, however, there are always going to be bumps
along the road. There is no such thing as perfect planning for the night ahead because no one can think about every possible outcome for each situation. It’s true that sh*t happens.

It’s all about how you can overcome the challenges when things don’t go according to plan.

This is what you missed out on…

Last week we had our 3rd Your Career Magazine launch and I am so thankful for the way it went!As apart of my resolution, I wanted to include a magic trick in my public speaking and engage the audience in a different way.I never thought I'd be able to perform magic in-front of these many people there. After all magic was just a hobby for me. At the end of the night. Not only we gotten great feedback from the crowd about it but also makes the night so memorable. Anything you put your mind into doing, you can achieve it. Don't limit yourself to things you think is impossible because there is no such thing!My next goal for 2020 is to do Stand Up Comedy so don't miss out on our next event, it will definitely be a blast ??

Posted by Iris Du on Sunday, 15 December 2019

I am glad that everyone gained some valuable insight and built some meaningful connection so they can start the new years with a great intention.

For those who weren’t able to make it, it’s also your time to attract and most importantly create your own opportunities in 2020. Sometimes it’s not because you don’t have opportunities coming your way but it’s because you haven’t been able to see it. And if you
happen to not feel in abundance of opportunities, then you must go out there and make it happen for yourself.

At the last event, I wanted to host an activity that would give the crowd something to work towards in the new year. The activity included understanding the issues they might be facing in achieving their target salary rate. Ideally, we all have a salary amount that we are hoping to earn or a goal that we are trying to achieve.

So how do you plan to get there?

I usually tell my clients to break down their achievement into SMART goals.

What are SMART goals?

Specific: Well defined and clear.

Measurable: With specific criteria that can measure your progress towards the goal.

Achievable: Attainable to receive.

Realistic: Within reach and relevant to your purpose.

Timely: With a clear-cut timeline and target date.

Goals that have a higher chance of being accomplished should also answer the 5 “W” questions:

1. Who: Who is involved in the goal?

2. What: What are you looking to accomplish?

3. Where: Where is the goal to be achieved?

4. When: By when are you looking to achieve the goal?

5. Why: Why is this goal important?

When each goal is set with the answers to these questions and in a SMART goal manner, it gives you a better understanding on how to achieve your goal and uses your resources and capabilities in the best way possible.

So start writing down your goals for the new year with this method and be sure to hold yourself accountable for your resolutions because if you don’t work on your dreams, who will? ?

Spend your holidays the best you can

Spend your holidays the best you can

‘Tis the season! Can you believe it’s already Christmas? I’m sure everyone has many plans over this Christmas break, and I hope you are having a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Isn’t Christmas one of the busiest times of year for you as you have social events, family gathering to parties at work, and let’s not forget, Christmas shopping for everyone’s gifts.

All the work, family life and social relationships keep us busy, and we might not realise how time flies. Then all of the sudden, we hit the end of year already!

While it’s very exciting with all the family gatherings and Christmas parties, this is also a great time to reflect on your journey and see if you’ve achieved all the goals you’ve set out for the year. Before you make the next excuse, ask yourself this: What can I do to improve?

Reflection is always important because how else will you know what your next step should be.

Another thing to keep in mind over the holidays is to work on your hobbies, and if you have none, why not start now? Personal development isn’t only about the way you work personally but also the other things that you do in your daily life. Take time to focus on things that you are interested in and haven’t had the chance to explore yet. It’s the same as telling a school student to focus on extra-curricular activities and not just the academic achievements.

Here are some tips on ensuring your end of year holiday is spent to its full potential:

1) Reflection and Celebration

As a business owner or professional in your space, we always prioritise our business or career as it’s like our baby, something we have worked hard on. So, think about how to work smarter and not harder in the upcoming year and reflect back on the goals you have set out in 2019 and the processes you have taken to achieve it. And of course, if you were able to, celebrate it! Who better to celebrate with than your loved ones around you.

2) Try something new

Hopefully you’ve all got hobbies that you’ve been waiting for some time off to pursue, and here it is! Now you’ve got the time to spend on everything you love doing outside of the office, whether it’s including some time alone or with your family and friends. Now it’s also the perfect time to try new things that you haven’t before. Remember hobbies are statistically better for your mental health and that’s one way to improve yourself for the new year.

3) Give back whenever you can

There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving back to those that may not have the same opportunities as us over the holiday season. Some aren’t as fortunate as we are over the festive season and this can be as simple as donating or helping out others in need. This will be a good way to end the year and start afresh in 2020. We want to share love and care so people in needs can enjoy a better Christmas, that’s why last weekend, our team joined the Melbourne Basket Brigade. Any random act of kindness like smiling at strangers or being there to listen to someone when they need it or even donating anything small to people who need it is something to take on not only at this time of year but always. These small changes make a big difference to others.

Remember it’s not being selfish to do what you can to improve yourself over the holidays, you want to be able to get in the flow and start the new year in the best way you can. I hope everyone is safe and having a very Merry Christmas!!