From Baby Boomer to Millennials – Bridging the gap at workplaces

From Baby Boomer to Millennials – Bridging the gap at workplaces

I have had the privilege to lead a team of millennials as well as coaching and guiding Gen X and Baby boomers. I discovered that their talents and strengths are very distinctive to their groups.
While each generation has a different perspective based on their upbringing, experience and beliefs, all the groups seem to share a sense of compassion and need for growth.
On one hand, most Baby boomer have tons of experience, strong work ethic, extreme resilience and grit.
On the other hand, most of Millennials are super tech savvy, they are constantly having unlimited passion and a desire to contribute back to the society.
After having worked with millennials, I realized that the stereotype about millennials being entitled is not always true.

Millennials approach to a lot of things might be very different to Baby boomers.

Their methods might look like a short-cut, but it’s just the advancement that’s aiding them to do their job much more efficiently. I mean of course if it creates win-win situation, why not?
The notion about Baby boomers of not being tech savvy and being so set in their way isn’t always true either.
I have come to realize we often label people too quickly on criteria that doesn’t even matter for them. It’s like that saying goes: “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree”.
Not everyone is perfect – It’s all about how to communicate, collaborate and contribute to one another.

We have Baby boomers that has so much knowledge and experience about the industry that can help you understand how the business works, while millennials can help you to unlock your imagination to dream big and creating some new emerging trends.
At the end of the day. It is all about learning to speak to them in their language and respecting and supporting each other. Sharing the knowledge, skills and experience with them to help them reach their full potential. In the workforce and in life.
After all, AGE is just a number.

What matters – are your intentions and the willingness to learn.

Maintaining that STUDENT MINDSET is key.
Because whether we like it or not, AI is taking over. The world is evolving so FAST that most of us forget about the soft skills once we all had.
It doesn’t matter what generation you are from. We are all here to SHINE in our own different way.

Here are some tips to aid you in bridging the gap at your workplace and accepting each generation equally:

1. Get your personality profiles done- understanding your own strengths and challenges as well as others will help in understanding how to support and collaborate with them.

2. Ensure to always keep your communication open- there are various courses that you can invest in to improve your communication skills no matter someone’s age.

3. Always compromise as it is a two-way street- be prepared for change and embrace new ideas from the new generation that will soon become our leaders.

What’s the next step?
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Iris is a self- discovery & Leadership Coach at Careerists – a leading Career Coaching Company that is focused on unleashing people’s potential in career, business and life.
Iris helps businesses manage their workforce to be high performing, reduce turnover and support them to prepare the next generation of leaders.
Her “mission impossible” life has marked many events that knocked Iris down, but her persistence kept her rising and she turned every adversity that she faced into a tool that professionals can use to consciously re-engineer their reality.
Her work is often described as a very authentic and practical approach while still applying transpersonal and spiritual techniques to reach the foundation of her clients’ anguish.
Being a Master NLP Practitioner, Human behaviour expert and a Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist, Iris empowers professionals to discover their passion and talent, how to work more effectively with others and how to become the best leader within any organisation.

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