Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

As 2019 drew to an end it gave us a chance to stop and reflect back on the year that we had…

We are closing a decade. That’s a whole 10 years. When you look back and see just how far you have come in the last 10 years, it gives us the drive to see just how far we are able to go in the next 10!

Did we achieve what we wanted? Did we become the best version of ourselves

In this decade I found my partner in crime and together we built a business. I become a professional speaker, a coach, a mentor and editor in chief. I had my own team to train and help them create a life that they had always envisioned.

I was lucky enough to find a tribe who support me and keep me accountable for everything I set out to do. They believed in our vision and helped Thai and I achieve our successes along the way.

This time of year gives a chance to really look at how we have grown on a professional and a personal level. It’s also a great time to be thankful for everything that did and didn’t happen, as it has got you to where you are today.

It’s time to look and see if we have achieved everything we set out for ourselves. With a new year it brings forward a new moment in time. A moment for us to set to set out new intentions for 2020! To set out for something we have always wanted to do. Remember that you can always achieve what you put your mind to.

When manifesting what we want for 2020 we need to make sure whatever we have on our mind and are heart set on, we are ready to commit to it 110%! We need to know that we are going to give it every ounce of strength and focus we have. Or else we will not have the discipline to dedicate ourselves. And eventually, it won’t happen for us and we only have ourselves to blame. During anytime if you feel distracted, always going back to WHY you wanted to achieve this in the first place. Give yourself a good reason to inspire yourself to keep doing it.

We want to raise our vibrations and attract people and opportunities that will help us get to that next level. We can only do this by taking a deep look within ourselves and be truthful and honest.

Is there a project? A goal? A dream? Or a business plan you have been putting off and waiting until ‘you’re ready’? Well guess this 2020 is the time to be ready.

Welcome 2020, the new decade, with open arms and an open heart! ?

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