How do you change your fate?

How do you change your fate?

Happy Lunar New Year Week!??

It is said that when it’s your year, your luck isn’t as great as others.

That being said, I’ve been told to be careful as this year is the year of the rat and I’m a Rat!!

We are so easily influenced by what others say and so quick to accept what society tells us, no questions asked.

What our friends, families or even neighbours tell us without us even asking ourselves this:

Is that really the TRUTH? Should we find out more about it before blindly listening to their opinion?


Their truth may not be your truth as their beliefs aren’t sometimes your beliefs either.

For so long my dad has the psychic ability that he would only offer card reading for all our friends and families during lunar new year.

They would line up one by one waiting for my dad to perhaps telling them something GREAT about the year!!!

And here is what I have learnt from my DAD.

He would never tell someone that they are having a SHIT YEAR even if their card is SHIT!!!

Instead of demotivating them, he would encourage them and get them to focus on what’s GREAT that is coming to them. 

Let them know which area they shall be aware of or any relevant information that needs to be passed on to help them improve their quality of life or abundance. 

But most importantly giving them some direction and confirmation that they can certainly CHANGE THIER FATE.

We always believe our destiny is our fate. It’s always good to understand it but you don’t have to just accept fate. 

Understand your strengths and challenges. Create a game plan to gain skills, knowledge and experience to create your own destiny.


Don’t let your DESTINY to control you.
It’s Your time to CONTROL your Destiny.

I have never felt so much grace and ease in my business journey.

As I dig deeper into my spiritual journey. I experience more flow, grace and ease.

Who said you need to be a HUSLTER 24/7?

It is a totally MYTH!!!

When you are truly in FLOW?. You do less to achieve more!!!

So next time, when someone say you are going to have S.H.I.T YEAR,

You tell them this…

Sure!!! I am having Sexy, Healthy, Incredible & Transformational YEAR!!!

That’s what we call a S.H.I.T Year.??

Mic Drop?

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