How to kick start your day…

How to kick start your day…

I’ve always found the benefits of having a morning routine is it helps you kick start your day with a clear mindset. It not only reduces stress but increases productivity and allows you to have a great intention of what you want to focus on for the day.

It is also an important aspect of self-care and self-love. Taking time for yourself in the mornings helps you slow down, breathe and unwind. Having a morning ritual takes away the planning and thinking about what you need to do every morning as it eventually comes natural to you. Therefore, it reduces your stress of the day.

Another advantage is that you will be less likely to forget something. Your energy each morning is usually low without a routine and it gets drained further with all the decisions you have to make. As shown in the infographic below, avoiding this mental fatigue through small decisions is why Mark Zuckerberg starts his day by dressing the same way, as it is one less decision to make! A lot of the most successful people have their own morning ritual that they follow to a tee.

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It will definitely take some time to find a routine that best suits you however, it is beneficial to include:

Time for a healthy breakfast/meal according to your specific diet

We’ve all heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Because it increases your energy levels, it increases your metabolism to help you burn calories throughout the rest of the day. Scientifically it helps you replenish the blood sugar to make your muscles and brain work their best. For those that fast or have a diet plan, following it daily is important for your body to be well-adjusted to it.

A relaxing activity like meditation or listening to music

A calming activity takes you into a mindful state and can help you reduce anxiety symptoms. It helps you observe things around you that you normally wouldn’t notice and keeps you aware of your surroundings.

A form of exercise like yoga, going for a walk or to the gym

Morning exercises are most beneficial to you as it alters the way your entire day to night will go. In general, it helps you burn more fat and build muscle however, it also increases your adrenaline, metabolism and reduces stress and signs of depression.

Staying off technology like your phone or laptop

Many like to check the news or updates on social media in the morning however, staying off your phone would be best for you. This is because the information you receive is a lot to process early in the morning and it usually distracts you from other tasks. Your productivity can be interrupted by checking your phone as soon as you wake up.

My morning routine consist of:
1. Taking a 2-minute cold shower
2. Drink my Cacao
3. Meditation and gratitude for 30 minutes
4. Read the news
5. Kick starting my day with a signature power pose!
6. Listening to audiobooks that are related to business or personal development


Everybody knows that doing exercise is good for both their physical and spiritual health, but as we're caught up with all the hustle and bustle of life these days, sometimes it might be challenging to find time for some work out, not to mention that it's gonna take whole lots of efforts and determination to keep this as a habit.Then I thought: "If I can make exercise part of my work everyday, it would be amazing!!" That's why at Careerists, we have incorporated the "60 SECONDS EXERCISE CHALLENGE" to the morning huddle!! Everyday before starting work, I ask my team members to do different exercises for 1 minute. By getting our body moving a little bit, we noticed huge changes in everyone's mood and energy level. That's how we would like to kick off a day! They said: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Now you know that one minute of exercise every day can do just the same haha. Join us in this cool, fun and healthy challenge!! #1MinuteWorkOutChallenge

Posted by Iris Du on Sunday, 17 March 2019

Following a morning routine can affect your mood throughout the day and will be best not only for you but everyone around you. So, wouldn’t you want to feel the best you can everyday?

Comment down below what your morning routine is and if you don’t have one, start thinking about what is important for you to have in yours.

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