I am so in love with…

I am so in love with…

Valentine’s Day has just gone by and love is definitely in the air. However, there is absolutely no reason as to why it shouldn’t be throughout the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Merely that, must we only celebrate the people we love only one day of the 365?

Often times people tell me ‘I know exactly what I want from my career, but I don’t think I can do it’ or ‘I don’t think I’m worth it’. Or even ‘I think I should just give it up and move on’. So, the real concern here is, why are we not falling in love with ourselves and our goals? And why aren’t we celebrating that?

We tend to fall into a downward spiral of negative self-talk, and it becomes us that’s holding ourselves back from all that we could achieve. Most importantly, we lose belief and sabotage ourselves.

We must love and accept ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly in order to truly be happy and successful and get after what we want.

So, in the interest of loving ourselves and never looking back, here are 3 ways, you can be your own Valentine, every day.

    Forgive yourself

We’ve all been through a negative self-talk phase or a time where we have made mistakes or missed opportunities. Somehow society makes us think making mistakes is a sin. In fact, as a human being, we can only evolve when we make mistakes. It is part of a journey; we will make tons of mistakes before we can achieve anything we want in life. It’s about what you can learn from the mistake. And have self-improvement. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and only focus on the good. Then you will be able to accept and forgive yourself.

    Invest, Invest, Invest

Invest to improve yourself. It is true that self-awareness is the first step to your success. Most of us don’t even spend time to understand ourselves so no wonder we are going through life and being lost 24/7. Whether it is your money or your time. Learn something about yourself or even better love yourself better by being your own valentine. Have a date on your own. Because why not?

    Express Gratitude

When you appreciate things and people around you. Things and people will appreciate you. It is the law of attraction. What you put out there is what you will receive. Having gratitude first thing in the morning will not only help you kick start your day, it will also upgrade your energy and vibration to attract anything you would like to achieve. Who wouldn’t want to feel good and look good like that every day?

Here is an extra exercise that will help you love yourself more and more every day…

Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself at least 5-10 times daily “I love you” followed by your name in the end. It is very confronting; however, it will help you build a deeper connection within yourself.

I hope these little changes in your life will make you accept and love yourself even more.

As RuPaul rightly said “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else! …”

So, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy Valentine’s Day, Month and Year!

Let me know in the comments below if you are already using some of these tips or which one you think will work for you!

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