I got kicked out of school

I got kicked out of school

Throughout my teenage life, I was always told I would never be anything great.
I was never good enough, I was kicked out from schools, moved colleges multiple times and didn’t know what I was meant to do. I had changed my studies and professions frequently and doubted myself as others were continuously doubting me too. I was stuck not knowing where my passion lies.
In 2012, I experienced one of the worst things I could have imagined and had really hit rock bottom that I even tried to end my life but thankfully, failed.
In that moment, I decided that it was time for a change. 7 years later, I stand here with achievements I never thought I would ever have, ones I didn’t even know back then were possible.
✅ Got myself an amazing life partner and business partner Thai Ngo
✅ Run a coaching business that would make a difference to others
✅ Been on Radio show
✅ A co-author
✅ Have a solid mastermind and sisterhood that would support me
✅ Have a great team that would do anything with me together
✅ Make my parents proud ?
✅ Ran a successful women networking event
✅ Performed my very first Magic in front of my audiences
✅ An editor in Chief for Your Career Magazine
✅ Run a HR and outsourcing company who helps our communities
✅ Coached hundreds of clients and mentees from entry levels to executives about how to leverage their genius zone
✅ Walked on Fire at Tony Robbins
✅ Being a Speaker
✅ Interviewed Simon Sinek
And finally…
✅ Being a Mentor at Monash Business School.

From not completing university or college to standing here sharing my journey at Monash Business School here today, it took one decision- to realise my self-worth and all that I am capable of.

If I can do it, so can you.

The longer you wait to start your dreams, the further you will be from achieving them.

NOW is the time for you to shine!


Thank you to Monash Business School for showering me with all these gifts ?

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