Inspiration in Isolation

Inspiration in Isolation

During these times, it has become increasingly challenging to muster up the motivation to get anything done, let alone being productive and inspired.
It is now in these times that we must remind ourselves to focus on our MINDSET to be positive and productive.

Referencing back to my previous article where I spoke about frequencies, to operate in a higher frequency the focus on mindset is very important.

Let’s be honest. It is heavily predicted that AI technology might take over most of our jobs in the near future. With everything that can be operating online very soon.
Which also means we can be easily replaced if we are not careful.
If there is anything we can learn from Covid19.Everything is moving online rapidly fast.
It’s either we need to adapt, change and think outside of the box or soon or later you will no longer have a career.

So you might ask how can we prevent that from happening? or at least not having them to take away your jobs as fast?

While everyone is blaming things on Covid 19. I see this is an opportunity for you to build up your toolbox. Working on yourself…. develop your personality and continue working on soft skills. But most importantly allow yourself to be creative and come up with an innovative way to allow you to still be inspired and have the energy to keep pushing forward.

So here are a few tips I would like to share with you about how you can stay at home without going crazy and still being productive during this funky time.

  • Move Your Body
  • – Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, just keep your body moving. Positive Mindset is developed over time. Physical exercise has been used time and again to boost morale and keep up the spirits of co-workers. If you’re too busy, invest in a stand up desk that allows you to move your body as you work from your desk. Set a time for you to do exercise. For beginners. Start of with doing 60 seconds exercise in the morning before you start your day

  • Indulge in a Hobby
  • – Indulge yourself in an activity that you love, catch up on the reading you thought you would do, cook more often, or whatever it is that keeps you happy and engaged. These extracurriculars help keep a positive and resilient mindset. Eg. Gardening, Dancing, etc

  • Check up on Friends and Family
  • – These trying times also put your skills as a leader to test. If you also have the privilege of working from home, chances are you’ve had to put in more effort to check up on your colleagues, work updates and their well being. And that applies to family and friends as well. So there is no reason why there shouldn’t be date nights anymore. So expand your love to your friends and family and your colleagues, have virtual trivia nights, virtual post work drinks, virtual date nights, have a virtual family cook off, be creative!

Just remind yourself of the little things you took for granted and be grateful for them and extend your love and gratitude toward everything you’re glad you have in your life.

When you operate at a higher frequency your productivity increases multifold.

Positivity, patience and persistence are the virtues that will help us all during these challenging times. And remember you are not alone. I believe in you. Just remember you are going to be so much stronger at the end of all these chaos.

Stay awesome

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