It is time for us to STEP UP!

It is time for us to STEP UP!

As the bushfires are getting out of hand, hundreds of people are losing their homes, thousands are forced to flee their hometown regions, and people are losing everything they have had. As we are lucky enough to enter this new decade with our homes intact and loved ones safe, let’s take a moment to help those in need that are left with nothing.

We here at Careerists believe in the importance of helping those in need and making a difference in the world. This is after all, our world, our home.

We had chosen to donate supplies to our local food bank a few days prior and with our clients for the month, some proceedings will be donated to bush fire relief instead of other charities.

When dropping off supplies to the Foodbank, it was amazing to see such kind-hearted people come together patiently waiting to donate what they can showing how community oriented we are.

We dropped it off around 11:30am . Waited 30 minutes to unload and when we got out there were still many car waiting to drop off supplies!!!

Posted by Iris Du on Saturday, 4 January 2020

There was an article recently released saying that they are no longer looking for donations of food, water and clothing as they are overwhelmed with the amount of support they have gotten. They are running out of warehouse space and manpower due to all of the donations they have gotten. The reason they prefer accepting money at this time is because the families in need can then make more flexible and local decisions.

Some other few things you can do to help out:
1. Donate line or at any Bendigo Bank branch for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
2. Australian businesses can also find a way to donate to this cause by raising funds through the sales of their product or services. Look out for a new coaching session we will be offering to raise funds specifically for bush fire relief.
3. Organising teams to do an activity a day like donating blood at the Australian Red Cross Association can help save lives and build stronger relationships in your workplace.
4. Donating to the firefighters as many of them are volunteering and are running out of supplies, so contact your local brigade directly or donate here.
5. As the our precious wildlife lose their homes, by something that was never their choice, you can donate to the World Wildlife Fund to help restore the homes of these koalas after the fires have cleared.
6. Donate to the Australian Red Cross.
7. Or to the Salvation Army as they’ve launched disaster appeals to help communities recover.
8. You can donate to Vinnies stores near you or online to help families rebuild their lives.

Some things you can do at home are distribute containers of water outdoors, being sure to throw in some sticks and leaves so that insects have something to cling to. Swimming pool owners should add “climb out points” so animals don’t drown. Fruit tree owners should remove netting to share their produce. When offering pellets and hay, be sure to spread the food out so that species have a lesser chance of being targeted by predators.

If you are not in the position to donate money, you can always volunteer your time at these charities that are doing their best to help or even check on your neighbours that are elderly or could be affected by the poor air quality we have been facing.

With our heavy hearts, let’s stand together to save our country and raise funds for these innocent families, wildlife and brave firefighters ❤️

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