Player or Spectator

Player or Spectator

In the world right now, with so much uncertainty, there are two types of players who seem to be coming up the most.

First ones are the C Players, who are not really working on their skill, binging on tv series and movies and watching things happen around them without proactively participating in them.

The second are the A Players. The people who are in the game, aim to better themselves constantly, making a difference everyday, by doing something of value. Like learning a new skill, completing a personal goal, contributing to their well being etc. They leverage crises and turn them into opportunities and they do their best to prepare themselves to come back stronger and better once the whole pandemic is over.

I hear so many people think there is not much we can do when we are in the middle of a global pandemic. But this is so not true.

I think that there is not much we can do right, we are in the middle of a global pandemic. What we often forget is that the pandemic will be over very soon. it is the global recession that will come and bite us every harder. So if you still think there is not much you can do about it? think again!!! The global recession that will follow it will strike harder. What are we going to do then?

The experts in the industry predict not only that businesses will continue to close down, and some corporations will be using this to let go of all the under performers.
So if you don’t bring the A game back.
The job market indeed is more competitive than ever.

In a market like that, honing and harnessing on just one skill, no matter how polished it is, it just won’t cut it.

HR is already having trouble measuring productivity ever since people are working from home because there seems to be no metric to measure. It is tough as pandemic is something we have never experienced before. New measurement and procedure will need to be in place .

It also means there is a lot of uncertainty in businesses.

So if you can’t perform well and are not being able to give more values and adapt change fast. You will be the first one to go.

So staying ahead in the game through the crisis is the key to it!!!

So think again. What type of player are you going to be?

Because the top 5% are going to be…people who are capable of doing more than one role and can transfer their skills in different departments. Your ultimate skill is what makes you to be that top 5%

In a place as fierce as this, why not be prepared for the future and develop different skills that not only will land you a job, secure your role or even give you leverage to negotiate your salary in the future.

It’s about aiming for the best and preparing for the worst. Hence by developing skill, you’re going to be able to stand out of the crowd.

And I know you must be thinking, ‘Oh my god, what are we going to do, how do we know what skill to work on?’

Learn something that you always wanted to, something that is either going to help you personally and professionally. All ecommerce industries are on the rise, so perhaps learning some relevant skill that you can practice and become good at in the long run is a great idea.

I’m not asking you to stop watching netflix, but if you’re spending a couple of hours on netflix, maybe cut it down a bit so you can use the remaining hours to focus on self development or even just well being. Instead of watching netflix 24X7. What about go and cook a meal, play a game, exercise, connect with your partner or your friends, indulge in wellbeing and relaxation, give your mind a break from the screen.

Detach yourself from it, so you can think better and make better decisions.

It’s about striking the balance between personal and professional, especially now.

Don’t let pandemic determine your life.

You design your own future and be the A player who is going to WIN every single race!!!

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