The Reasons Why I Support Female Empowerment

The Reasons Why I Support Female Empowerment

When I flew to Australia all alone by myself at the age of fourteen, I felt lost. Everything was so new; the difference in culture and the sensation in diversity. I honestly had no idea where to go and I don’t know who I should trust. I really needed a safe space not only to grow but also to feel supported.

At that moment with the lack of direction, support, clarity and purpose makes me realise that if I want to make a difference, I need to create this space for myself and for many beautiful women out there who also feel the same.

So what can this safe space provide?

1. Sense of self worth

We are half-way through 2019, and there are so many talented and strong women who are rising to their most successful days. But for some others, there can be issues such as being a mum, lack of self worth and you tell yourself that you are not good enough.

I want to say that we are all so powerful in very different ways.

Women must possess self worth and have the right to make choices between personal or professional development. As female individuals, we all want to strive towards our best potential, and live an independent life free from domination.

2. Confidence and freedom

In order to move forward to your achievements, you need to have the confidence and freedom. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. And it’s important to recognise your strengths, then use those strengths to reach your full potential.

Once you have the ability to see your skills that comes from within, you allow yourself to stimulate confidence. Then you nurture and sharpen it, and because we are in such a safe space, use this space, to build self-awareness and freely express yourself.

Always keep in mind that you are not the only alone.

Sometimes, all you need for encouragement is an inspiration, a story, a companion, a hand, a voice saying “You can do this”.

3. A collection of extraordinary talents

As the world is evolving, our society has also changed. In the 19th century, women cannot receive proper education, they were expected to live their lives largely homebound. But now, women have taken all the responsibilities, and they can create success for themselves.

You can simultaneously do a wonderful job while at the same time showcase your talents. And the more space you have, the more strengths you can grow.

I feel lucky that I am able to connect with all the women in my network, share my knowledge and experiences to actually support one another.

This is also the reason why I decided to host for Careerists Second Magazine Issue, especially having two amazing female speakers to actually share this safe place for any women out there.

If you ever feel like you don’t have the power to enhance your strength and confidence, remember that there is always a safe space for you to do it.

Stay awesome,

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